About the Book

A successful interview validates the huge amount of time, money, and sacrifice that has lead you to this exciting beginning of your professional career. Even one helpful tip from this guide justifies the small investment.

Learn how to persuade the interviewer to like you, in language you understand, with proven sales techniques. If you think an interview is only about answering the questions asked, you are WRONG!

The Dental School Interview Guide offers proven tips and tricks, techniques and strategies for dental school interview preparation.

We will not simply tell you how to dress professionally during dental school interviews, but equip you with the best methods formulated to effectively distinguish yourself from your competitors. Dental interview questions are designed to challenge the interviewee and will cause difficulty for student who is not properly prepared. School interviews require a great deal of time and effort on the part of the dental school, they intend to find the most qualified applicants and take the process seriously. Mock interviews, practice questions, and a unique interview preparation methodology will prepare any student to win the interview through our guided process.

Included with our proven methodology:

  • Over 90 practice interview questions
  • Snapshot interview
  • Informal mock interview
  • Formal mock interview with scoring guide
  • Types of interviews explained
  • Over 100 pages of Dental Interview Preparation
  • The guide is packed full of tricks, techniques and interview strategies that have proven success. ¬†Available from Amazon.